Rules of Conduct

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Rules of Conduct

Post  kungpooey on Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:57 pm

No plundering valleys of Alliances higher than us without confirming it with an officer

Announce yourself on alliance chat if you come on

Share you resources - there will come a time when you will need to ask someone else

No cheating!! Period. SS1 is being ruined by players cheating, so we know what it feels like. Cheaters will be kicked out and publically anounced in world chat.

No spying, or traitorous activity. Any traitors or spys will be kicked out and publically announced in world chat.

Watch each others backs - if you notice an attack on Alliance members report it straight away on Alliance chat, even if you cant do anything about it.

Inactives will be kicked off. Please note we will not dismiss you if you have a valid reason. So if
you are going on holiday, extended leave, want a break etc just be sure to let
host/vh/pres or officers know. If you are going on a long break, consider changing your password then letting a war cabinet member look after your account.

If you are an officer, and receive notice - you must pass on this info to a host/vh/pres.

Leechers will be kicked out - you are considered a leecher if:
1. you make no contact on alliance chat
2. do not interact with other members of the doomsday alliance
3. ask for help, but make no contributions. A contribution is defined as being active in the alliance chat channel and in the alliance forum web site.

Make sure you level up your Embassy, and tick the Allow Garrison Troop, and open your gates. If you dont other members will not be able to reinforce you.

Most important - have fun!! Its a game, so expect losses and wins!

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